Hotel Development and Repositioning

From concept to final product HHG offers a full range of hotel management services spanning the entire development cycle which include concept design, feasibility studies, project management and contract administration.

Hotel Management

We undertake full management of the hotel on behalf of the investor and provides all prerequisite support to ensure that the business runs smoothly and profitably. We shall provide the Management team, business formulas and support.

Owner Representation

HHG shall on behalf of the owner and in collaboration with the hotel management team monitor key hotel’s operations and financial performance indicators through the development as well as the operational phase. HHG will protect the Owner’s interests free from any potential conflicts and perform an independent key coordination and oversight role to ensure that all teams are working towards a common goal. HHG will represent the owner on agreed upon supervisory role which he would otherwise conduct himself. This will reduce the burden of the owner on time spent on operational issues and details thereby allowing the owner to focus on the bigger picture.

Hotel Quality Audits & Reviews

HHG will carry out financial and operational audits on behalf of investor or management team. This include mandatory third party audits, environmental audits, health and safety audits, guest experience audits and also provide integrity tests to make sure standards are maintained and revenue captured appropriately

Revenue Management

HHG will analyse every aspect of the business to help maximize revenue potential though a robust customized revenue management strategy, support sales and reservations, analysis of market positioning and competitive pricing. We shall also assist manage online distribution and implement e-commerce strategies on hotel website, online travel agencies, metasearch and global distribution system and implement data driven recommendations.

Pre-Opening Management

HHG will assist in a well-structured pre-opening path to ensure when the hotel opens, it hits the ground running. This will cover the full spectrum of hotel operations through extensive market research, pre and during management takeover to ensure that there is a flawless transition and that the right decisions are made for business and its investors. This will cover developing effective rate strategies, preparation of pre-opening budget and business plan, creating and implementation of pre-opening sales, marketing and public relations action plans, E-commerce pre-sell service and hotel web design, preparation and implementation of critical path action plan, recruitment and training of all personnel, implementation of standard operating procedures and establish detailed action plans for all departments.

Hotel Software Solutions

HHG collaborates with service providers in robust software solutions to ensure that your hotel has an integrated system to promote accountability and efficiency and increase your revenue base. The core solutions will include an Innovative revenue management system(RMS), Channel manager necessary for online booking platform, Central Reservations System(CRS), Materials Control(MC), Hotel Accounting Systems, Property Management System(PMS) and Customer Relationship Management System(CRM).

Sales and marketing

HHG will assist you develop a comprehensive marketing plan with a lot of focus on online marketing platform. This includes website design & development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online advertisement campaign, online reputation management, generate analytics reports, strong presence on the internet, and E commerce support.


We undertake practical and very hands-on training approach to suit the needs of individual organizations. We carry out both basic and advanced courses as well as post training support. We will provide you with manuals, SOP’s and documented procedures after the training to ensure ease of implementation and adherence to the standards.