HHG facilities management services covers coordination of general building maintenance, operation and management of electrical and mechanical plant, coordination of operations and maintenance team, coordination of maintenance contractors and vendors and General Office Administration.

Coordination of General Building and Infrastructure Maintenance

General building maintenance encompasses cleaning, fixing and repairing and restoration of the infrastructure to the highest level possible closer to its original form. This includes, floors, ceilings, service ducts, service areas, roof tops, walls, claddings, windows, facia, Landscaping, external lighting, perimeter fence, pest control, road maintenance, drainage cleaning, waste management etc.

Operation and Management of Mechanical & Electrical Plant

HHG facilities shall coordinate the servicing and general maintenance of the following systems and installations; Electrical Power Distribution, Diesel Generators and Tanks, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks and Distribution, Sewerage and Drainage, Rain Water Harvesting and Irrigation, Fire Sprinkler, Water Hydrant System, Hose Reel and Portable Extinguishers, Potable Water Distribution System, Mechanical Air Extract, Split Unit Air Conditioning, Vertical Transportation, Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure, Public Address, Entertainment and Voice Evacuation System and, Building Information Management System

Coordination of Operations and Maintenance Team

HHG Facilities will recruit as well as subcontract on your behalf the operations and maintenance team to provide full technical coverage and support in

  • Electrical : to ensure all electrical systems are running effectively and attend all break down call outs.

  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation : To monitor the running and maintenance of all air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.

  • Plumbing, Drainage and Sewerage Systems : To monitor and maintain all water based systems including the fire sprinkler, hydrant and hose reel systems.

  • General Repairs Handyman : To carry out general painting, door repairs, tile and plaster works where required

  • Security Team : To manage Health and Safety aspects of the premises.

  • Cleaning company : To handle all cleaning and landscaping requirements.

Coordination of Maintenance Contractors, Support Services Suppliers and Vendors

HHG will coordinate and facilitate activities of all service providers to include preparation and signing of contracts, service level agreements(SLA’S), supervision of their responsibilities, monitoring and evaluating the works, coordinate marketing effort of the facility, manage the full cycle of activations and events on premises.

General Office Administration

We assist in office administration which include cleaning, filing, stock room management, front desk administration, provision of drinking water basic service of office tea/snacks.HHG will also assist in property leasing/renting as well as manage the tenant mix. We undertake tabulation, billing and collection of monies due from tenants due from usage of utilities and ensure accuracy of the exercise.